• Natã Balssan Moura
  • Ivan Ricardo Carvalho
  • Danieli Jacoboski Hutra
  • Robison Davi Patias Furlan
  • Guilherme Mallmann
  • Guilherme Stasiak
  • Dassaiévis Gonzatto Maciel
  • Wilson Leonardo Farias Melo
  • Pedro Felipe Lopes
  • Francine Lautenchleger
Keywords: Glycine max L., strategic position, genotype, multivariate models.


This study aimed to assess genetic dissimilarity and based on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of 52 soybean cultivars grown in the Northwest Region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The experiment was conducted at the Center for Research and Agronomic Results of the Missions (CEPRAM). The experimental design used was randomized blocks with treatments arranged in four replications. Soybean qualitative attributes were measured, being the maturity group, flower color, pod color, seed shape, tegument color, anthocyanin pigmentation in the hypocotyl, pubescence color, pubescence density, hilum color, seed brightness and biotechnological event. Together, quantitative attributes were measured in ten plants per experimental unit, such as yield, number of pods per plant, number of grains per plant, grain mass per plant and thousand seed mass. The most productive cultivars were P95R90 IPRO, BMX Raio IPRO, NS 5445 IPRO, P95R30 IPRO, P95Y02 IPRO, TMG 7058 IPRO and DM 5958 IPRO. Yield correlates positively with the number of pods, number of grains, grain mass and thousand seed mass. The dendrogram for the quantitative characteristics and the decision tree showed that the formation of the groups and the grain yield were determined mainly by the grain mass and the thousand seed mass. Among the components of variance and genetic parameters, the variables thousand grain mass, grain mass and yield are influenced by 59%, 32% and 29% respectively by genetic effects.


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Balssan Moura, N., Ricardo Carvalho, I., Jacoboski Hutra, D., Davi Patias Furlan, R., Mallmann, G., Stasiak, G., Gonzatto Maciel, D., Leonardo Farias Melo, W., Felipe Lopes, P., & Lautenchleger, F. (2021). QUALI-QUANTITATIVE GENETIC DISSIMILARITY OF SOYBEAN. Functional Plant Breeding Journal, 3(1). Retrieved from http://fpbjournal.com/fpbj/index.php/fpbj/article/view/106